Mar 16, 2018 - The website is back!

For the last 4 years, I don't think I have gone longer than about 4 weeks  without playing a gig somewhere, and it has usually been more like 2 weeks. And here we are, nearing the end of February and I've only played one live show in 2018? What gives?

As 2017 was turning colder and the end of the year was just around the corner, I started looking closely at the the things I hoped to accomplish as an artist and what I was doing to move that forward. And after a good bit of scrutiny...I came up with very little. I was playing fairly often, but I wasn't writing, I wasn't working particularly hard to find new bookings, and I felt a little burned out. Not good for creativity. 

Then in November, I was given an opportunity by the team at  Gmixeast​ to play a ticketed show, that people actually paid to come see and...I felt a spark. More than a spark, actually. I felt something catch on fire. For one night I traded my usual 3 hour acoustic bar set for a 1 hour set focusing on original music, backed by a killer band, with professional lights and sound in a fantastic little venue and I thought "This is what I want to be doing!". It was a thrilling challenge, and rehearsals for the show helped me discover a new way of looking at my old music. I was definitely no longer burned out.

Now it's 2018 and I have an eye on a new direction, and I'm taking my time. Although I am eager to just get out and play, I'm more interested in making it happen in a way that keeps me interested and pointed in the right direction instead of just wandering the Cedar Rapids soundscape, bored with myself and my guitar.

I have not quit. I am working on some new projects and I'm pushing myself to write again. I currently have no shows booked and I'm comfortable with that. They will happen, but they will happen when I'm ready. And they will be done with intention, always with a goal in mind. 

I miss you, but I needed some space. It's not you, it's me. But I'm  close to finding myself. :) I hope you are still around when I do.


Apr 7 - Fundraiser!

This Sunday, April 12, I will be on the bill with Carol Montag at Cedar Ridge Winery for an event raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It is a public event and info can be found here. Come out and have some fun!


Mar 11 - Spring and Summer Dates!

The snow is melting, and the schedule is starting to fill up! New dates hyave been added and more are soon to be announced, so stay tuned! 


Jan 28 - Heading to the studio!

So, after several false starts in the last year, I am heading into the studio this week to get started on some recording. This will be the start, and I have no idea what will come of it, but it has to start somewhere! I had set a goal of releasing a couple of tracks by the spring, so hopefully that will work out! Stay tuned!


Jan 19 - Get Ready for a Refresh!

Well, a new year is here, and with it comes the opportunity to reinvent and reimagine! In the coming weeks I will be looking at some ways to optimize the website to make it easier to manage. So keep your eyes peeled for a new look and new news!


Oct 28 - Summer is gone!

The leaves have almost all made the leap from the trees and the time has passed for most outdoor shows, so I guess the summer season is over for the year. I was fortunate enough to play and officiate a wedding, play shows all over the corridor, perform with a theatre group, work on a feature film, and figure out exactly how challenging it can be to support yourself as an artist. It's been a great summer, but I'm ready for what's next. Although I don't really care that much for Pumpkin Spiced anything, I love the fall season. And this fall I have several cool things coming up. See the dates section for upcoming shows, including a fundraiser in November. As always, I love you all and am grateful for your support. 


Now I'm going to put on a flannel shirt and rake some leaves.


Aug 6 - A great week of music!

I want to take a moment to thank my good friends at SPT Theatre for inviting me to  play with them over the last couple of weekends. They always put on such a great show and are an immense amount of fun. I was  even given the chance to put a couple of my songs together with a full band, which makes me start to itch for another opportunity to do that...


Another fantastic part of the experience was the opportunity to meet and talk music with singer/songwriter Dan Bern. Not only did he play a free concert here in Cedar Rapids, he also wrote many of the songs that we performed in the SPT show. He is incredibly talented, a killer entertainer, and a genuinely nice guy.


I have added a few more dates for the coming weeks, so I hope to see you out at one of the shows. Feel free to come up and say hi!


July 31 - I'm back!

Hopefully you noticed that I haven't really been around lately. There are a lot of reasons for that, but mostly it's because I've been busy doing things other than my music. There was a vacation in the Rocky Mountains and rehearsals for a performance (still going) of a new musical called Tic Tic Tic. All in all it has been a busy June and July!


I have added my upcoming dates, and hope to be posting a new song in the next couple of days called 'Take the Time'. It's a simple song, but may be my favorite song I've written. I just have to record it...

May 29 - June is gonna be busy...

New dates booked! Hi, errbody! In the last couple of days I've solidified a few more dates and I have some new venues as well! June is shaping up to be quite busy for me, with lots and lots of opportunities to flex the old vocal cords.


     June 3rd - Von Presley Studios - with Brett Newski, Pete Donnelly, and Alisabeth

     June 5th - Private event

     June 7th - Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmers Market

     June 12th - Private Event

     June 13th- White Star Ale House

     June 19th - Little Bohemia (new venue!!!)

     June 27th - Reds Alehouse (also a new venue!!!)


Note that on June 3rd, Alisabeth has been added to the bill and it should be a fun, fun evening. Anyway, stay safe and I hope to see you in the coming month!


May 23 - Updates 2 days in a row??

Cedar Rapids, take heed! Brett Newski will be swinging through the city on his tour of the Midwest in support of his new record, American Folk Armageddon. He tours all over the globe, and sometimes wanders into this neck of the woods. And guess what? You can see him! I've seen him a couple of times and he always puts on a great show. And I'm super happy to be invited to open for him!

In addition to Brett, Pete Donnelly will be joining the tour for a string of dates including this one. Pete is a bass player, singer, and songwriter based in Southern New Jersey/Philadelphia and also has a new record, Face The Bird. You should check out their respective websites and drop by and 'Like' their Facebook pages.                                 

The show will take place at Von Presley Studios in the Czech Village. Doors open at 7:30pm, show starts at 8:00pm. All ages are welcome. Admission is $6 at the door.

May 22 - Long overdue update!!

I've been incredibly lax lately about website updates. So sorry, I've just been busy. Which is a good thing! I'd like to thank everyone that came out to the Marion Arts Festival this year and then stopped by Ramsey's Metro Market for a drink after and to listen to me play. It was a great day all around.


I have added a few more dates to the calendar in June, but am still booking through the summer. I'm also playing private events now as well, so please contact me if you are looking for someone!


I am still working out the details, but I will be opening for Brett Newski on June 3rd as he swings through Cedar Rapids on his tour of the Midwest. I will provide info on the Facebook page as I get it. I guess that's it.


I love you.

Apr 3 - All is quiet...

Not really, it just sort of seems that way from the outside. I've been busy with booking new gigs for the summer, writing new material, and am in the early stages of planning my first full length album. There are some exciting things happening right now, but mostly behind the scenes. 


April is kind of a quiet month for shows, as I'll be doing some international travel in a few weeks, but then May explodes with 5 dates currently scheduled and a couple more that are tentative. All in all, things are moving along swimmingly. Whatever that means. 


Unrelatedly, I will be seeing Glen Hansard this summer!


MAR 16 - New Dates Added!

Just added a couple of new dates for April and May. On the 18th of April I will be playing my first ever date at The Vault in downtown Cedar Rapids. The show will follow the live comedian of the evening and starts about 9:30. The other new date is also a first time show for a venue, a May 10th date at Java Creek Cafe in Cedar Rapids.


I am still lining up new venues and performance dates, so keep an eye out!


MAR 13 - New streaming tracks

Today I posted a couple of new tracks to my music page. They are both original ukulele demo songs.


The first, "Desire" was written originally on the guitar, but I have slowly grown to love it as a uke tune. It is about, well, you can figure it out.


The second track is "Treading Water", which was the first song that I ever wrote specifically for the ukulele.  It plays with the idea that sometimes we all just want to walk away from our everyday lives, if even for just a moment, and...float. Just BE for a little while. 


I hope you enjoy, and feel free to share!


MAR 5 - New music and 2014 booking is underway!

I am currently lining up new dates for Spring and Summer 2014. I will update my posted schedule once the details are worked out for the handful of festival and opening spots that I am working on. Keep an eye out!


Also, a few new streaming tracks have been added to the site, which can be accessed on the MUSIC tab at the top of the page. Feel free to share and send feedback!


FEB 26 - the website is LIVE!!!

I am up and running (barely). Many changes will take place on this page in the coming weeks and months, so please check back often for performance dates, news, and anything else that I deem important enough to share.


If you are interested in booking me for a date, please email me at


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May 25, 2018 - Ramsey's Wine Bistro

  Marion, IA     7:00pm-10:00pm

June 30, 2018 - White Star Ale House

  Cedar Rapids, IA     9:30pm-12:30am

Mar 31, 2018 - White Star Ale House

  Cedar Rapids, IA     9:30pm-12:30am

    w/special guest Kid Elephant from              Milwaukee, WI

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